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FREE: 3-4 hours of design work for non-profits and grassroots organizations

I don’t even know who still follows me from my old posting-about-UX days (which have stopped because, tbh, I’ve fallen slightly out of love with it and have focused on other creative projects which are still Super Secret but will eventually be posted here), BUT I wanted to put this out to everyone who still out there in the great beyond.


I’ve already worked with a few organizations doing this and as I continue to work with more, I’ll post the work I do for them along with a blurb of who they are and what they do.

There’s a lot of fantastic organizations out there doing really passionate, fantastic work to push this country to do and be better, and not all of them can afford a professional designer. I get that. So that’s why I’m doing this, because this is something I can do, a skill I can offer that’s high in demand in social activist communities.

That said, I don’t want to take the spaces that would be filled by professional designers, like big advertising or awareness campaigns, so that’s why I’m limiting the time-per-organization to 3-4 hours. So small projects, the kinds of projects that come up when a small org is like “dammit if only we had a slick t-shirt design for this, we could really rally people!” That’s when you get in touch with me. 

Spread it around folks! Keep it in mind! I work nationally.