I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design’s Film/Animation/Video department with a focus in hand-drawn animation in 2011. While I turned my focus predominantly towards interactive animation and UX design afterwards, I’ve been continuing to animate my own projects as time allows and have integrated its principles into every aspect of my artistic approach.

Moonies 2015

A looping short inspired by my time on San Juan Island.

Kickstarter Project: Glance App 2013

A short animation I did for a startup a few years ago for the Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter didn’t work out, but the animation turned out just fine.

Touchviz 2013

This animation was done in the design process of the TouchViz project at Microsoft Research. Our paper was accepted to the 2013 CHI conference ( ). This animation was made to demonstrate the principals of our paper in a hypothetical product.

Blue Dot 2010-2011

Blue Dot was created as an experiment to aesthetically visualize with scientific accuracy the role of a plankton in marine biological and physical processes. Done over the course of nine months, the first semester was dedicated to research, artistic exploration, and experiments in visualization, and the second semester to animation production.

STEM to STEAM 2010

This is an animation short I made for the STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) to STEAM (A=Art) conference that happened here at the Rhode Island School of Design in February of 2010, which focused on finding new ways for arts and sciences to collaborate and co-inhabit one another in education. I decided to go with minimalistic character design and layouts to focus on a simple but fun narrative which could communicate the rather complex and vague idea of science/arts collaboration.

Angler 2010

A young woman, struggling with long-suppressed guilt over the death of her twin brother, decides to write a letter to him, only to find herself reeled into a world beyond her imagination.
This was my junior project last year and was done in collaboration with my friend and composer, Kenji Green. Those of you who are familiar with Japanese animation will no doubt recognize its influence, as I had just returned from a 4-month period of study at Kyoto Seika University when I started making this.


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