The Two Sweet Songs That Are Taunting Me


So I’m working part-time at Brown University’s Graphics Lab while I’m getting Glance off the ground, and there was a huge deadline this past week. Because of some managerial difficulties up until now, I stepped in recently to help manage the team and catch up on these deadlines. The team was fantastic, the students were all really hard-working and enthusiastic…
but we had to pull an all-nighter Friday night.
You don’t know me and all-nighters, but I don’t do them. Period. Even my entire time at RISD, I never once pulled an all-nighter. It’s my opinion that having to do that is a sign of bad time management and planning, and as it usually results in shoddy work anyway, it’s often better to extend the deadline rather than be forced to do it. Yet this time, we had to do it.
This was after, of course, two full weeks of marathon 9-12 hour workdays. So this night was the crowning jewel. Or maybe I should put it more accurately: it was the final blow.
I died Saturday night, resurrected on Sunday morning to do a 20-mile bike ride, and attempted to get my feet back under me.
But it’s not working. I’ve heard sleep deprivation builds up, so I basically owe my body 8 hours of extra sleep, no matter the fact that I’ve been sleeping regularly since. Not to mention the fact that my body is clearly telling me that I owe it 8 hours of playing outside with my new bike, Silvia.
But I’ve got a lot of shit to do, so I don’t have time to get all that sleep. Or cycling.
So I’ve also noticed the sleep deprivation affecting my self-motivation and discipline.
It’s very easy to get discouraged when you feel overworked.
But then, like today, I meet with a great woman who’s doing awesome work with watersheds and tracking water quality, and we talked all about the app I’m making, and I got to see her eyes light up with interest. Whenever I see that, I can feel my heart get a little lighter- it tells me my work is worth all the long hours I’m putting in.
And maybe, I mean really maybe, it’s worth being inside on a beautiful spring day and letting Silvia mope in the hallways a bit longer.

About jesspherron

A UX designer, illustrator, and animator residing in the Portland area, documenting the lessons of the highs and lows of being an artist.

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