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Published at CHI, 2013


See that right there? That’s a paper I helped author while working at Microsoft Research, published and presented by my ex-boss and totally awesome researcher and all-around guy, Steven Drucker at the CHI 2013 Conference in Paris.
…(I’d be more excited if I could have afforded to go to Paris, I admit. But still.)
It was awesome to work with those guys and honestly I doubt I’ll ever be surrounded by so many PhDs again. If you’re curious about the project, you can take a look at my portfolio for the process work or check out this older post with the video of the motion design.

Patton Oswalt’s ChewyTwo

why ion cannons but no translator for all his noises?

Taking a break from making the animation for my Kickstarter to make this. I couldn’t resist.

You can see the original video for Patton Oswalt’s brilliancy here.