Have You Ever Realized There’s an Alien Planet On Earth?

Suspend all the habits of your perception of reality. Open your mind like a dream and let the reality I’m about to tell you sink in with the same acceptance your sleeping mind gives to all your fantasies and nightmares.

There are two planets tied together. In one, you can only walk on the surface. All things live and grow and die in relation to this surface. The intelligent beings (of which you are one) are obsessed with creating intricate flat planes to live and play and travel on. Every living thing here has some sort of method to travel along or within this surface, or they have roots with which to reach into it.
planets tied
Yet on the other planet, the alien planet, not only are there two predominate surfaces instead of one, but these surfaces are only points of reference for the alien creatures living within it. The world is what exists in the infinite distance between these two surfaces.
This simple yet profound difference changes everything. There are aliens who live on the top surface, those who cling to the bottom, those who rise and fall daily from one to the other, those who live in only a specific point between them, and those who spend their lives traveling between these surfaces, never touching either. In a way, it could be said that our world exists on an underscore, and the alien world between paranthesis. Because of this, our world is generally stable, while theirs is in a constant state of flux. It is moving at incredible speeds, between hot and cold, light and dark, ricocheting between one surface and the other.
Yet living in that manner is beyond our comprehension. for only short periods of time can we visit this alien world, and the rest of the time we can only build one of our flat surfaces and skim the top surface of thiers. As if in some need to hide itself from us however, the top surface is reflective, only mirroring back our own curious, wondering gazes.
But if we could see inside, vast alien civilizations would be revealed to us. Metropolitans of painstakingly built mazes of neighborhoods, bustling with life all day and night long, filled with teeming color, their lives so co-dependent that it creates a fabric of relations. And if we could see in the dark and look even deeper, we would find tower-cities built on the jagged edges of small volcanoes boiling with chemicals, their citizens ghostly white and silent.
Their third type of civilization may escape our first notice however, for in their churning world it’s possible to build entire ecosystems on the move across vast distances, all tied together by the constant movements of their world. Their sleek, roving members catch their cues in each season with a dancer’s fine timing.
City 3
There are alien giants here, so large that on our planet their weight and heat would crush and burn them from the inside out.
blue whale
And these giants sing; sing across entire oceans, sing mysteries beyond our understanding. Do they sing of family and food? Do they sing of the joy of living? Do they sing of glimpses they’ve caught of our world?
I wonder.
I wonder
There are aliens who build houses out of their bodies, aliens that live in colonies of floating white ribbons, aliens that play and speak, aliens that help us, aliens that eat us, aliens of a form and manner beyond my or your imagination.
And it’s right here. On Earth.
Every time someone says they hope to discover a distant planet with life, any time a child dreams of exploring yet fears all is already known, I want to say:
“Haven’y you realized there’s an alien world right here, in front of you, and it’s been here all along?”
just fish
Yet still I persevere. What else can I do?

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About jesspherron

A UX designer, illustrator, and animator residing in the Portland area, documenting the lessons of the highs and lows of being an artist.

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