The joy to be found in business cards.

business cards
I used to be a criminal.
I used to go online and use those “FREE BUSINESS CARDS” ads (which were so not free, beeteedubs), and then get 300 pre-designed cards in the mail and use those. Ugh! How could I?? It was terribly embarassing. It didn’t come up much in corporate world though.
But no longer! In a couple hours I whipped up a design, had them printed, and spent a twiddly hour cutting them out. Tedious, yes, and while designing I was being a moron and not thinking of bleeding colors, but hey, it’s a STEP FORWARD.
Still, business cards gives you such great ideas! How can I integrate hand-made elements into it next time? Could I double-layer the paper and cut out the top layer in my name? Need a laser cutter for that, but still.
I’m out of prison, though still on parole. As my job progresses further, I’ll have to knock out a whole day and just make something so totally badass it’ll blow your mind.

just like that.

just like that.


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About jesspherron

A UX designer, illustrator, and animator residing in the Portland area, documenting the lessons of the highs and lows of being an artist.

2 responses to “The joy to be found in business cards.”

  1. jennifer herron says :

    love the comic..
    In my very humble opinion – but as someone who has looked at a lot of business cards –
    I guess I think of this process of b-cards as also making sure that the energy that goes in is actually in line with what most people do with business cards – stick them in a purse or wallet; have them migrate to a desk and then end up in the recycle bin. So maybe you might think twice before you start layering paper –

    • jesspherron says :

      Okay… okay maybe you’re right. But still, a really nice business card can help in showing that you’re a professional and serious about what you do. And as a designer, it was indeed criminal of me to be using cards I hadn’t designed myself.

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