Karanambu Lodge

Karanambu Lodge

I recently took a trip to Guyana in South America, and got the chance to stay at Karanambu Lodge, a fantastic eco-lodge set in the heart of the bush/jungle, which also functions as a place for scientists and students to go to study the incredible biodiversity. Though I didn’t have as much time to do art (and I found my materials sadly inadequete to express the brilliance around me), I’ll be helping them make a wildlife-tracking app (more on that soon, I’m sure). I’m also planning on returning next year with plenty of oil paints and more time, so that I can properly make the attempt to capture it. I will fail -nature outdoes all the artists in the end- but maybe I’ll get something of it.
In the meantime, a little pen-and-ink work of the main lodge house.

About jesspherron

A UX designer, illustrator, and animator residing in the Portland area, documenting the lessons of the highs and lows of being an artist.

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