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User Experience designer, illustrator, animator, and writer, Jessica likes to keep busy. Born in the sunny smog of California before being abducted to be rain-bred in the Pacific Northwest, Jessica whiled away her youth in books and puddles before escaping to the Rhode Island School of Design to study film and hand-drawn animation. After a stint abroad studying at Kyoto Seika University she returned to find a fascination with the idea of interactivity, and worked on applying traditional animation’s motion design principles in her work at Brown University’s Computer Science department. After graduation she found herself reeled back to the Seattle area by the irresistible chance to work at Microsoft Research, where she worked as a UX designer on projects relating to education and big data, all in touch and gesture-based interaction.
She can’t, however, stop thinking about stories. Across her work, you’ll see the not-so-quiet whispers of that bookish childhood still casting wistful glances at puddles.

A great deal of the UX work that was done at Microsoft Research is still NDA, but if you have job inquiries and would like to privately see more, feel free to contact me.


About jesspherron

A UX designer, illustrator, and animator residing in the Portland area, documenting the lessons of the highs and lows of being an artist.

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