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holiday gifts for the family…

a few ink pieces done for members of my family…

San Juan Islands

Pacific Northwest Woods

Iron Sky Grazing

Happy Holidays everyone! Keep an eye out, I may start a little Etsy print shop soon…

A Fine Wizard

A Fine Wizard

Look at that hat. You know you want it.



Hair as silky as the winding weeds, its eeling body pushing it forward through the murky waters as it slides further into darkness…
Why would mermaids be burnished-hair maidens dancing in the water, admiring themselves?



A fun little drawing and color study.

Give a Nimp a Cookie…

Give a Nimp a Cookie...

Children of the Weedbeast, these small creatures scour the shores for detritus to hide themselves within. They can be befriended with some kindness and a little sugar.

What have I forgotten?

What have I forgotten?

A mage, contemplating at studies…

Princess, Seer, and Heir

Princess, Seer, and Heir

characters from a story I was writing some years back.